3 Little-Known Factors That Could Affect Your Faith

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God wants you to be strong at times.  There are other times when God wants you to be still and watch him work.  Both of these positions require faith in God.   When you are faced with a challenge in your marriage, that is not the time for you to doubt God.  Trusting God when everything is working well is not hard.   It’s those times when your marriage feels like it is unbearable.  That’s when your faith is really challenged.  Before the storm arrives in your marriage, there are a couple of things you should be doing that will affect your faith when the storm arrives.  

affect your faith

Stop focusing on your obstacle.

What you focus on becomes magnified in your life.  You might not realize it, but, you are telling yourself that your obstacle is bigger than your God.  You give attention to what is most important to you.  

Choose to focus on God and what he CAN do for you.  Focus on marriages that have been restored.  Remind yourself of all the miracles that God has already performed in your life.  The more you think about his goodness, the bigger you make him in your life.

The mountain standing in front of you doesn’t compare to the power of God.  Speak to your mountain and tell it that God is greater than it.  

Declare the word of God over every situation that is standing in front of you.  

Faith comes by hearing the word of God.

What are you feeding your mind, emotions, and spirit on a regular basis?  You can’t feed it doubt and wonder why your faith hasn’t increased.  Feast on the word of God.

Find scriptures that speak to your specific issue.  Remind yourself of all the great things God has done for his people.  Reflect on the promises that he has declared for you.  

When I first got saved, my mentor had me read about the life of Christ.  I started in Matthew and read thru the new testament.  The remainder of the sacrifice he has for me and how God wants me to live for him gave me a clear vision of how I am loved.  It helped me to understand who I was to him.  The more I read about God, the more I believed in his power.  

The more you study God’s word, the better your understanding will be about his power.  

Take your hands off the issue you are up against.

Stop trying to make it happen.  It’s one thing to align yourself with God’s will.  Making sure that your actions align with the outcome you are trying to receive.  But it is another thing to manipulate or control the situation in an attempt to fix the problem yourself.  

Yes, you have a part to play in the restoration process.  But, it is smaller than you think.  If you feel stressed or pressure from carrying your relationship, you are doing too much.  

Carrying your relationship is God’s job!

There is freedom in releasing your cares & burden to God.  Shift into a season where you are focused on being the wife God created you to be instead of focusing on fixing your husband.  This should be your goal.

Focus on your healing and deliverance.  Get the breakthrough that you need in your life so that your actions are aligned with God. 

Focus on cultivating your relationship with God.  There is freedom and joy in this.  

Carrying the weight of restoring a relationship is not what God intended for you. Being a wife the honors him through your life IS what God intended for you. Focus on that allows God to handle the obstacle in your life. He can handle it better than you can. And the results will always be better. Trust him and his process.

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Stay Blessed Sis!

Arrettres Hollins

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