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How to skyrocket your inner healing after the betrayal of infidelity!

In Restored & Confident Wife Life, we are focused on getting you your first quick win of experiencing inner healing. Today, I would like to share a sneak peek into the very first module of the Restored & Confident Wife Life with you… which is experiencing inner healing! As you know, the Restored & Confident Wife […]

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How to Rekindle a Marriage After Cheating (Even If This Isn’t His First Affair)

Having a good marriage doesn’t come by accident.  Especially after finding out your husband has cheated.  You will not want to be affectionate with your husband at first.  Honestly, it will probably make your skin crawl.  But, after he builds trust in your marriage and you heal from the affair, you will begin to desire […]

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Get rid of the stress of trying to fix your husband once and for all

Your life will be so much easier, smoother, and better If you stop trying to fix your husband.  I understand you see the greatness inside of him, or you just want him to stop doing some of the foolish things that drive you crazy.  But, there are a couple of things you need to understand.  […]

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Is this one thing keeping you from experiencing inner healing?

Your heart has been so broken that you are stuck in survival mode.  You’re trying to do everything you can to just make it through the day without breaking down.  Just make it through the next day without feeling depressed.  Experiencing inner healing now seems like an impossible dream. Check out this quick video for […]

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How to take charge of your life when your marriage makes you feel stuck.

Standing at a crossroad and trying to determine your next move can feel overwhelming.  Especially when you are about to make life-changing decisions that will impact your future.  When you are trying to take charge of your life, sometimes your marriage can make you feel stuck.  The bible gives you 3 clear instructions when making […]

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How to start your healing process even if you can’t forgive your husband.

Getting past the pain of betrayal can be difficult, and forgiveness can seem impossible, which makes starting your healing process even more unrealistic. You feel locked in an endless well of bitterness, hurt, and blame that’s left you feeling untrusting, depressed, and lonely.  Whether you decide to stay in your marriage or not, it is […]

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