Isn't it time for you to stop suffering in silence and finally experience the marriage you have been praying for?

The Healed & Empowered Wife


Lay the foundation to accelerate your healing from the painful recurring memories of your husband's past affair and so you can confidelty rebuild your marriage stronger than before?

(even if you sometimes question your decision to stay married)

Stop acting like you have it all together Sis!

I KNOW you are strong, ambitious and a natural leader. But, infidelity has rocked you to your core. It’s made you second guess many decisions you have made and sometimes who you are as a woman.

You are hurting emotionally and mentally. You are struggling with trusting your husband and lets be honest….God. Don’t get me wrong, you are ride or die TEAM JESUS! But, there is a part of you that asks….

Why did God allow this pain in my life??

There is nothing wrong with this question or addressing your pain. I had to learn the hard way. As a leader in my church, I had to mask my questions, fears, and doubts as I struggled with the pain of infidelity.
Trying my best to hold it all together while suffering in silence.

Encouraging other women while I was SUFFERING IN SILENCE!

Until I was tired of being sick and tired! Until I was tired of crying myself to sleep asking God WHY!?!

Until I realized that I am truly the master of my peace, clarity, and joy! No one is coming to rescue me! I had to tap into the POWER God already placed inside of me!

God blessed me with the gift to use biblical principles and practical real-life STRATEGIES that help wives heal from infidelity so they can experience the LIFE & LOVE of their dreams!

Now It's Your Turn!

The truth is roughly 65% of wives struggle with the painful recurring memories of their husband's past affair because they have not received practical proven strategies to accelerate their emotional and mental healing.

The truth is just asking God to fix your situation isn't enough!

I want to share with you the ONLY faith based coaching firm that helps wives accelerate their inner healing form infidelity while confidently restoring marriages.

Are you tired of feeling like your prayers are not being heard???

Here is some more truth....


I’m not going to sugar coat this for you Sis.

What you have experienced is devastating and I’ve been exactly where you are! Looking into the eyes of the man you gave you heart to as infidelity shatters your world around you.

The uncontrollable mixed emotions interupting your day as disrespectfully as the original offense seems unbearable. Fluctuating from rage to grief with a few glimmers of hope must stop!

I’ve been in your shoes and know your pain. Since the age of 14, I’ve been abused by the insult of infidelity. Watching the pain in my mother’s eyes as she fell victim to my father’s indiscretions. Followed by years of watching women struggle for decades with the pain associated with the affair.

I thought I would be able to avoid the bitter bite of infidelity in my own relationships. But, that pain also came knocking at my door with a vengeance.

To make matters worse, NO ONE COULD HELP ME!!! I got sick and tired of hearing “Pray About It” and “It Takes Time”.

And prayer by itself is not enough!

I must commend you for stepping out on faith one more time while choosing to trust God regarding your marriage.

According to the American Psychological Association, 20-40% of marriages end in divorce after infidelity with 17% ending after they decided to rebuild the marriage.

I am so proud of you!  Choosing to trust God again is a BIG Deal!

Now it's time for you to experience your next level of breakthrough!

Gain access to this prolific program designed to guide you through the process of accelerating your inner healing and experiencing the marriage of your dreams.

The Healed & Empowered Wife is for you if you are:

  • Frustrated because you are unable to have tough conversations or communicate in a way that you both feel heard and feel appreciated.

  • Tired of the relentless fear of letting your guard down and allowing your husband in your heart again.

  • Overwhelmed by the recurring memories of your husband’s past indiscretion.

  • Burdened by the continuing struggle to move beyond your husband’s breach of trust and definitely don’t want him to think he’s “gotten away” with cheating

  • Feel betrayed, short-tempered, and emotionally exhausted because of the lingering resentment hidden in your heart.

  • Deciding to stay with your husband seemed like the right thing to do, but, no one has given you clear instructions on how to heal from what your husband has done to you.

  • The walls of protection you’ve placed around your heart are also keeping you from enjoying your marriage, so, you are ready to mentally and emotionally break free.

You no longer have time to waste!

I wasted so many years crying and allowing depression to consume me. My hair was falling out. Gain a massive amount of weight. I couldn’t seem to take the darkness I felt every day. I was tired of people telling me to just “pray about it”.

Don’t get me wrong. I am a ride or die, TEAM JESUS, every day, ALL DAY!!

But, I also live by the scripture “Faith without Works is Dead”. My interpretation of this scripture is to Pray, TRUST GOD, and actively move in the direction of what I am praying for.

While I was praying and trusting God to do what only HE can do, I needed clear instructions regarding what HE wanted me to do so that I am aligned with what I am praying for.

That is exactly what I did for myself and my clients.

I am gifted at discerning the root of unresolved problems while addressing overlooked red flags. This enables wives to experience success at home and in their marriages. My superpower is empowering wives to experience the divine clarity and healing needed to reconcile with their husbands.

I am practical and real. No fluffy cliques or churchie fillers. You will always get modern solutions to your problems saturated with biblical foundational truth. It isn’t an accident that you have arrived on this page and connected with me.

My goal is to help you accelerate your inner healing from the pain of your husband’s past affair so you can transform your life & marriage. You will be AMAZED by what God will do in your marriage when you take the pressure and stress off of YOU and allow GOD to do the heavy lifting.

I created a clear and precise blueprint my clients use to get RESULTS!

They are experiencing peace, love, happiness, and clarity. Most importantly they know they are no longer alone as they navigate through this season.

I’ve been exactly where you are and I want you to know, YOU DON’T HAVE TO STAY THERE! I want you to experience the breakthrough you’ve been searching for.

You’ve been struggling with eliminating the recurring memories of your husband's past affair, but you’ve never really gone all in.

One day it’s “I know God can restore my marriage” and another day it’s “I think I married the wrong man and this will never work.”

"I don't trust females and can't risk letting anyone know my business."

"I feel completely alone and done have anyone to support me."

"How could I let this happen to me?"

"I don't have time for this right now!"

"I don't even know the first step to getting this done!"

"I don't have enough money to invest in this right now"

Your excuses are delaying your healing!

Or, You continue to recite the following excuses in your head…

"I'll just learn how to cope and live with the pain."

Here's What I Know For Sure!

When you are struggling with the painful memories of your husband's past affair, you will not be able to trust your husband or believe he has changed. This will reduce the likelihood that you will confidently restore your marriage.

Annihilating the painful memories will help you control your emotions while experiencing peace daily so you can successfully rebuild your marriage stronger than before.

I want you to know this...

Yes, it is possible for you to experience peace & happiness DAILY.

Yes, it is possible for you to once again feel loved and cherished by your husband.

Yes, it is possible for you to regain your confidence & clarity!

YOU can STILL experience the Marriage Of Your Dreams!

Happily Ever After IS your birthright!

Even as you are going through the healing process!

I'm going to be very direct with you....

It's time you stand up in your full power and BREAKTHROUGH so you can:

❤️ Finally experience feeling the peace of being whole and healed.

❤️ OWN YOUR POWER ALREADY. Confidently pursue your love, trust YOURSELF, and lean into your faith because the God in you has waited long enough.

❤️ Get off the emotional & mental roller coaster so you can enjoy a healthy, loving,  and balanced marriage where you get YOUR needs met.

❤️ Embrace intimacy and closeness, tighter bonds, and more authentic marriage because vulnerability is your gift and you deserve love.

❤️ Breakfree from your crippling fear of what “could” happen and fully trust God to restore your marriage.

❤️ Become your BEST version of yourself, break generational curses, and teach your children the power of true LOVE.

❤️ FREELY GIVE & RECEIVE LOVE as though your life & marriage depends on it..because it does.

You can make these changes in your life right now!

But, YOU have to take the first step.

I want to take away the guesswork and give you the proven strategies my clients have used to experience the life and marriage of their dreams.

Through The Healed & Empowered Wife Methodology, our suite of faith based coaching and consulting programs for wives, we show them how to heal from the pain of their husband's past affair. You will begin to annihilate the recurring memories increase your clarity, successfully improve your anger management skills so you can have healthy communication with your husband and ultimately position yourself to confidently restore your marriage.

The Healed & Empowered Wife Accelerator WORKS!!

Working with Arrettres gave me a safe place to vent and express my pain without feeling judged. I didn't have to act like I had it all together with her. I felt empowered to speak up for myself and create boundaries in our marriage, and hold my husband accountable for his actions without being manipulative or controlling.
God used her coaching to save my life."

"As the first lady of a very large church, I had to hide my pain and embarrassment when I found out my husband was sleeping with one of our members. I had no one to talk to. Everyone tried to guilt me into ignoring the problem and excuse him because he is a pastor.

Beverly Knight

"Before I met Arrettres, I tried everything in my power to get my husband to be the man he promised he would be. Nothing worked. We were always arguing. I kept trying to control him and every aspect of our marriage.

Working with Arrettres showed me how to get out of God's way and allow him to do what needed to be done in my husband. I learned how to release control and fully trust God. I still can't believe the change that I now see in my husband. I'm only halfway through the program and my husband and I have decided to tear up the divorce papers and keep working on our marriage.

Mellisa Miller

"I felt completely broken and humiliated when I found out about my husband's affair. I kept rehearsing my husband's affair over and over again in my head. I was consumed by constant pain and confusion because I still wanted my marriage to work. I just couldn't figure out how to make it happen. I felt alone! No one was able to help me release the emotional pain or the mental torment I was experiencing.

But, after working with Arrettres, I was able to finally feel like I was in control of my life again. I was able to let go of the assumptions of others and clearly do what I felt was best for myself and my family. My marriage has been restored.
God is good!"

Thomasina Walker

Healing from infidelity usually takes anywhere from six months to two years and is often a painful process.

But this doesn't have to be YOUR testimony!

This prolific program dramatically shortens the recovery time while accelerating your healing mentally, emotionally, and physically.

The Healed & Empowered Wife Accelerator at a glance and why you should join!


The Healed & Empowered Wife Accelerator gives you the tools to rebuild trust, heal from mental and emotional baggage while drastically transforming your mindset so that you can breakthrough barriers you are experiencing in your marriage.

Join an amazing community of like-minded wives you can connect within our private The Healed & Empowered Wife group. You will be able to receive the support and accountability of these members for years!


The program provides a distinctive combination of spiritual practices and powerful strategies that give you an actionable blueprint to rebuild your marriage better than before.

$30,00 in bonuses that will support you as you take the course which includes 21 video training, 4 ebooks, 3 guides, 1 expectation & marriage assessment.


You will have access to all content and recordings for one full year, making it easy for you to return to the lessons anytime and reinforce your learning. Plus, content is continually updated to align with individual issues.

While this program is 100% online, you can participate in all weekly virtual group coaching sessions from anywhere, anytime. You'll continually receive a clear, easy plan to apply each lesson into your life and marriage.

By leveraging a strategic blend of biblical principles and proven practical techniques displayed in the Healed & Empowered Wife Methodology, our clients experience exceptional clarity, mental & emotional healing and renewed hope for the future of their marriage.

Curriculum Breakdown

Module #1

Reclaiming Your Power!

  • Strengthen your relationship with God so you can experience his constant joy.

  • Truly learn to love yourself and fully understand how valuable you are to Him!  

  • Let go of all the burdens you carry and allow God to fix your concerns.

  • Release your control issues and fully trust God again.  

  • Eliminate the fear of your next steps so you can confidently trust yourself again.  

  • Release the weight of what has happened to you so you can feel lighter, courageous, confident, and healthy. 

  • Know how to properly handle your strong emotions towards your situation.

Module #2

Reclaiming Your Peace!

  • Regain your mental and emotional health as you take back control of your life.

  • Know that you are not alone as you heal and renew your confidence.

  • Learn how to stop overanalyzing what has happened to you so you can manage your emotions in a healthy way. 

  • Eliminating the effect of triggers so you can feel more balanced and emotionally stable. 

  • Reclaim the confidence you once had in yourself as you continue evolving into your best version of yourself.   

  • Stop rehearsing the affair in your head so you can truly experience freedom and clarity.

  • Release bitterness and anger that is affecting your mental health and marriage.

Module #3

Reclaiming Your Marriage!

  • Learn how to confidently navigate through your marriage, even while recovering from the trauma associated with infidelity

  • Speak your truth while creating healthy boundaries in your relationship.  

  • Feel valued and respected as you resolve conflict more effectively.

  • Improve your mental health as you master the art of guilt-free self-care. 

  • Trust your judgment and ability to make clear decisions for yourself. 

  • Learn how to respond without reacting when challenges arise.

  • Find your way back to your husband so you can restore your marriage.

ALL wives enrolled in The Healed & Empowered Wife Accelerator will receive the following bonuses:

    • BONUS #1 The Healed & Empowered Mentorship (Valued at $13,979). This includes 12 full months of mentorship after completion of course content.

    • BONUS #2 Weekly Strategic Advisory Sessions (Valued at $9,985). This includes 12 months of coaching calls to help you implement the content and overcome any personal challenges you may experience.

    • BONUS #3 – Marriage Restoration Accelerator (Valued at $2997). Grab the secret sauce to the 5 prolific principles needed to restore your marriage and confidently lay the foundation of trust and love.

    • BONUS #4 – The Inner Healing Intensive (Valued at $3000). This prolific intensive will help you heal from infidelity and master the art of self-love so you can become the BEST version of yourself!

    • BONUS #5 – The Marriage Restoration Summit (Valued at $97).  Receive complimentary admission to this virtual summit where you will discover the 7 laws of healing after infidelity.

    • BONUS #6 – Priority Coaching at all Inner Healing Coaching Sessions (Valued at $2997).

    • BONUS #7 –  An exclusive members-only telegram group where you can get support, ask questions, bounce ideas off your fellow sisters, and get feedback from our team of expert coaches. (Priceless)

What reality are you facing by not enrolling today?

You might continue to....

    • Struggle with the painful recurring memories of his past affair.

    • Experience uncertainty regarding the future of your marriage.

    • Constantly question your ability to have a successful marriage as you suffer in silence.

    • Battle with guilt or shame because of your sporadic outburst of rage, fear, and sometimes grief.  

    • Endure a loveless marriage because of your inability to connect with your husband.

    • Add “a painful divorce” to your resume.

Today you feel:

- Exhausted and feeling broken because your life and everything you've tried to confidently rebuild yourself aren’t working. You're unfulfilled, feel STUCK and unhappy. (Hint..the superwoman cape is killing you)

- Acting like a superwoman sacrificing yourself and resenting your husband because he can't rescue you from what you are feeling. You are constantly saving everyone else but secretly want to be saved, yet you can't stand asking for help.

- Numb and defensive. You're brilliant but can't seem to communicate what you really want and feel so you shut down or bottle it up until you explode and verbally destroy everyone in your path.

- You have trust issues. You don't trust yourself, your husband, and even your trust in God is a little shaky. You were taught to be silent about what goes on in your house and your heart which leaves you feeling alone and unsupported, BUT YOU CAN'T HEAL ALONE.

After The Healed & Empowered Wife Accelerator:

- You are completely livin' life like it's golden! You're fulfilled, connected, and loved enjoying your family, marriage, career, and faith. You honor yourself and you are no longer afraid because you know you are loved!

- You burn the superwoman cape. You allow others to take responsibility for themselves and you honor yourself by setting boundaries to protect yourself from patterns and pain because you deserve peace in every area of your life.

- You no longer play small. You're no longer afraid of your voice. You're honest without guilt or shame. Speaking your truth and emotional maturity are your jam because you have clarity regarding your needs and desires in marriage.

- Your faith has deepened because you know and fully expect God's promises, protection, and provision. You have the tools of transformation and you apply them. You trust yourself because you've allowed yourself to be honest and vulnerable.

Do you really want to spend the next 12 months feeling exactly how you feel right now?

Do you really want to risk things getting worse???

For wives, we are the leading faith-based coaching firm that helps them accelerate their inner healing from infidelity while confidently restoring marriages. Unlike other marriage coaches, we combine a strategic blend of biblical principles with practical-proven techniques that empower wives to boldly experience the peace, clarity, love and happiness they desire.

We only accept two applicants per enrollment season.

Grab your spot and enroll in The Healed & Empowered Wife Accelerator today!

What others are saying about working with Arrettres!

"Working with Arrettres changed my life! I couldn't believe how much healing occurred within the first week of receiving access to the lessons included with the mentorship.

Each coaching call made me feel empowered. The strategies Arrettres gave me were practical and easy to implement.
I was finally able to experience clarity and make tough decisions about my marriage. I feel like I am now in control of my life"

Tanisha Murrey

"My husband and I were struggling. We couldn't communicate properly and always ended up in a shouting match.

After using the strategies Arrettres covered in this program, things began to flow so much easier. I began to own my voice and communicate more effectively with my husband. He recently said he appreciated how I was speaking my mind and being clear with my requests. I totally see the difference in our relationship and feel like I am experiencing my Happily Ever After."

Brenda Dunbar

"Having a lady such as Arrettres come into my life to help guide me in the right direction, helped to build my confidence within myself, and to never give up on the gifts that were within me all along. I really thank God that I came into a connection with her. She has given me great insight on how to go about not only being a successful entrepreneur, but, also how to balance being a mother, student, and woman of faith. I have accomplished so much within the year and I know I needed that support and guidance from her. Arrettres is amazing!

Olivia Henry

This program is definitely for you if:

  • You are ready to have tough conversations and create healthy boundaries in your marriage.

  • You are ready to walk in the power that God has already placed inside of you.

  • You are ready to break free from the weights you have been carrying.

  • You know you are destined for greatness.

  • You know you are a good woman and bring a lot to the table.

  • You accept that you may have unresolved baggage that is also affecting your marriage.

  • You are ready to put in the work to get the breakthrough you’ve been praying for.

  • You are ready to be held accountable for taking the steps to achieve your goals.  

  • You are ready to connect with other women on the same path as you.

  • You are open to learning new strategies and implementing them into your life.

  • You are ready to change from the inside out and be challenged in a way that will help you grow.

This program is NOT for you if:
  • You are not willing to do the work needed for you to accomplish your marital goals.

  • You make excuses instead of taking action.

  • You blame others for all your problems.

  • You are not married.

  • You don’t think anything can save your marriage.

  • You are unable to see the good in any situation.

  • You believe you already know everything and have tried it all.

  • You want all answers to be spoon-fed to you.  

  • You refuse to trust God and/or the process.

  • You do not believe in investing in your growth and healing.

  • You like to procrastinate and not give 100% effort to your goals.

  • You resist change and being challenged to step up.

  • You believe divorce is the only option for you.

Frequently asked questions.

I’ve bought a lot of courses...why should I enroll in The Healed & Empowered Wife Accelerator?

Three reasons:

1. I think the problem with a lot of courses is people spend too much time-consuming content when they should actually be working on their inner healing.

The Healed & Empowered Wife Accelerator is designed as a tool you use while you work on your inner healing. You don’t have to sit down and binge-watch the content. You don’t have to go through it sequentially.

Working on how to resolve conflict? That’s when you open up the Foolproof methods to experience abundant happiness & peace in your life RIGHT NOW!

2. Looking to heal from the pain you’ve experienced from relationships? Check out the tutorials on that, and use the strategies to talk to your husband. More ease and more solutions. That’s why you should invest in your inner healing with The Healed & Empowered Wife Accelerator.

​3. If you’re interested in the full-blown version of the Infidelity Recovery Kit that comes with accountability, community, and monthly coaching, get in on this deal.

How do I know this will work for me?

If you want God to restore your peace, clarity, joy and heal you from past experiences, this will work for you.

If you’re ready to take action, this will work for you.

The Healed & Empowered Wife Accelerator will support you with resources and training for every part of restoring your inner healing.

What's the difference between this program and other coaching programs?

Most other programs focus on giving you surface solutions. For example, they will teach you how to resolve conflict and create boundaries.

But they skim over all the other things…and those other things are CRUCIAL.

Knowing the skill set is a must. But what’s the point if you don’t know how to address the ongoing memories that keep telling you to guard your heart?

How do you actually get your husband to be involved in restoring your inner healing?

The Healed & Empowered Wife Accelerator teaches you everything. I give you ebooks and actual training on the strategies behind wildly successful boundaries that protect you from future pain.

The focus of The Healed & Empowered Wife Accelerator is supporting you and your inner peace as a whole.

What happens if I don’t sign up?

You can take the information I’ve already shared with you and implement it on your own. But you won’t get the cutting-edge resources, tutorials, and videos the members get.

The Healed & Empowered Wife Accelerator is distilled into the key, essential steps of building yourself emotionally and restoring your peace. There is no fluff in the program, no buffer content.


Just essential, sequential steps you need to take.

You can do it on your own, but it will probably take you longer and cost you more in the long run.

How long is the program?

The Healed & Empowered Wife Accelerator is a 12-month program.

What are the BONUSES that come with this program?

ALL wives enrolled in this program will receive the following bonuses:

  • BONUS #1  Mentorship (Valued at $13,979). This includes 7 months of mentorship after completion of course content.

  • BONUS #2 Weekly Strategic Advisory Sessions (Valued at $9,985). This includes 12 months of coaching calls to help you implement the content and overcome any personal challenges you may experience.

  • BONUS #3 – Marriage Restoration Accelerator (Valued at $2997). Grab the secret sauce to the 5 prolific principles needed to restore your marriage and confidently lay the foundation of trust and love.

  • BONUS #4 – The Inner Healing Intensive (Valued at $3000). This prolific intensive will help you heal from infidelity and master the art of self-love so you can become the BEST version of yourself!

  • BONUS #5 – The Marriage Restoration Summit (Valued at $97).  Receive complimentary admission to this virtual summit where you will discover the 7 laws of healing after infidelity.

  • BONUS #6 – Priority Coaching at all Inner Healing Coaching Sessions (Valued at $2997).

Are there Coaching sessions?

We will have a weekly Group Coaching Session.  During these sessions, I will break down a life-changing strategy you will implement to transform your life.  We will wrap up with a Q&A session regarding the strategy or any topic-related questions you may have.  All sessions are recorded and placed inside your Resource Center.

When are the Coaching Sessions?

 Sessions will be held every Monday evening at 7:00 pm CST.

How will I attend Coaching Sessions?

The sessions will be conducted via zoom.  The link will be emailed to you before each session.

What if I am unable to attend a live session?

Recordings of all sessions will be posted within your membership portal with all your course content.  You can review the videos at your leisure.

What is the format of each Coaching Session?

We will review your homework assignments and work on any problems you are currently struggling with.  I will give you strategies to implement based on your personality type and specific situation.  (No fluff or generic advice)

When can I start?

As soon as payment is received you will receive immediate access to the course content and membership portal.  You will also be able to immediately register for our next Coaching Session.  (These are held every Monday)

Are all sessions virtual?

Yes, you can attend each session from any location where you have internet access.

Do you offer crisis calls?

Yes, members can invest in 1:1 Crisis Calls if needed.  (Savings of 50% for members)  You will also receive help and support via our private Telegram group.

Is there a prayer group?

Members can submit prayer requests via our private Telegram group.  I will respond with a recorded or typed prayer pertaining to your request.  Others in the group may also respond with prayers of support and encouragement.

Is there a payment plan available?

Yes.  We will accept a deposit followed by monthly payments.

Are bonuses available to everyone that enrolls?

All bonuses are available to all members that pay in full.

Is there a guarantee?

The Elite & Empowered Wife works when the strategies are implemented.

So if you’re not planning on doing the work, don’t sign up because watching the training is not going to give you the life you want.

You have to put the work in. But once you put the work in, you’re going to see how powerful this is. And from what my clients tell me, this is absolutely more than fair.

More Success Stories!

I've known Arrettres since I was a child. I was a very difficult child. She didn't know it, but, she was always uplifting to me. Even if she just threw me a smile. I never saw her sweat or stress when things got crazy. Arrettres has always been a self-motivator and has a strong relationship with God which perhaps carried her to help others when she was tired. As I've grown into a woman she has done NOTHING less than inspire, encourage, uplift, motivate and push me. Although I'm still very stubborn her patience and drive to see me succeed have carried me when I wasn't able to carry myself. Arrettres is truly an inspiring woman of God, mentor, mother, wife, and friend.

Tamela Johnson

"My husband was cheating on me. It was a 5-year relationship he had with a coworker. I was devastated and immediately filed for a divorce. I was embarrassed and humiliated. I blamed the affair on myself. My self-esteem was low before I met him. After the affair, my self-esteem was nonexistent. Working with Arrettres helped me build up my self-esteem and see that I am valuable regardless of what my husband did. It taught me how to set healthy boundaries in relationships and set expectations for how I should be treated. It gave me permission to speak my truth."

Kristen Bowden

"After 6 years of a stressful marriage, I fell into a deep depression. I would barely get out of my bed or engage with my children. My hair started to fall out and I gained so much weight. I couldn’t seem to shake the grief of trying to fix my marriage and not being successful at it.

Arrettres helped me begin the healing process. The best part about it was the constant reminders to reconnect with God and reading the affirming scriptures daily. It renewed my hope. I’ve learned to embrace my size and celebrate being a full-figured girl! It changed my perspective of my life and my husband. I was able to prioritize my well-being and while still being the wife God created me to be. We are still working on our marriage and things have gotten so much better."

Irine Joyce

Hey Sis!

I’m Arrettres Hollins, the founder of The Healed & Empowered Wife Accelerator.  Over the years I’ve been labeled as a woman of influence that wears many hats.  I am a certified teacher, speaker, and faith-based relationship consultant.   As a wife, mother, and daughter of the King,  I use my gifts to inspire and encourage women to grow spiritually, practice self-care, and build a marriage you adore!    Yes, YOU can experience Endless Love AND Marriage with your hubby.   

I am practical and real.  No fluffy cliques or fillers over here.  You will always get modern solutions to your problems mixed with foundational truth.  It isn’t an accident that you have arrived on this page and connected with me.  My goal is to help you transform your life & marriage.  You will be AMAZED by what God will do in your marriage when you take the pressure and stress off of you and allow him to do the heavy lifting. 

After hanging with me, you will annihilate the obstacles that are standing between you and living the life of your dreams.   I’ve been called to help you unlock the power that God has already placed inside of you.    I’ve been helping wives achieve endless love for over 15 years, and believe even YOU can experience constant joy in your marriage.

Please know that I am praying for you, your marriage, and your husband.  I believe in YOUR MARRIAGE and what God is about to do for you!