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I’m Arrettres Hollins, the founder of Connecting Love And Marriage and Balanced Wife Life Academy.  Over the years I’ve been labeled as a woman of influence that wears many hats.  I am a certified teacher, speaker, and faith-based relationship consultant.   As a wife, mother, and daughter of the King,  I use my gifts to inspire and encourage women to grow spiritually, practice self-care, and build a marriage you adore!    Yes, YOU can experience Endless Love AND Marriage with your hubby.   

I am practical and real.  No fluffy cliques or fillers over here.  You will always get modern solutions to your problems mixed with foundational truth.  It isn’t an accident that you have arrived on this page and connected with me.  My goal is to help you transform your life & marriage.  You will be AMAZED by what God will do in your marriage when you take the pressure and stress off of you and allow him to do the heavy lifting. 

After hanging with me, you will annihilate the obstacles that are standing between you and living the life of your dreams.   I’ve been called to help you unlock the power that God has already placed inside of you.    I’ve been helping wives achieve endless love for over 15 years, and believe even YOU can experience constant joy in your marriage.

Please know that I am praying for you, your marriage, and your husband.  I believe in YOUR MARRIAGE and what God is about to do for you!

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"8 Classy tips that will keep your husband wanting more of you"

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