Month: June 2022

(Video) 5 Tips To Keep Your Spouse Madly In Love With You

From sun up to sundown, you and your spouse are running non-stop. Your busy life and everything on your to-do list consumes your time, energy, and emotions.   Between taking care of your children, maintaining a home, and earning a living, it is easy for you to overlook connecting with your spouse daily.   If you are […]

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(Video) The hardest part of the healing journey that no one tells you about?

Do not let people fool you.  The healing process is not fun.  It isn’t easy.  Sometimes it will feel impossible.  But, it is SO necessary.  The level of love and happiness you experience in all relationships is contingent on how well you dive into the healing process.  Many don’t share the lows of this process.  […]

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