Month: January 2015

How to make more money with Avon?

How to make more money with Avon? As an Avon Representative, you have potential to make a $300-$500 extra every month.  Here are a couple secret strategies I have used to make at least $200 every campaign in sales. Start with ordering at least 100 brochures.  The more brochures you have, the more customers you can obtain. […]

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Your $200 Bonus is waiting for you!

Your $200 bonus is waiting for you! Are you going to continue leaving your $200 bonus and commission checks on the table?  You are currently eligible to receive a $200 bonus check as well as bi-weekly commission checks in addition to your regular earnings from selling Avon products.  Let’s not forget the $35 per new […]

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Stop trying to be Super Mom

Stop trying to be Super Mom  As a Wife, Mother, Entrepreneur, Ministry Leader, etc.,  etc., etc., women tend to wear many hats.  Those highlighted titles are just a couple.  Lets not forget doctor, nurse, motivator, cheerleader, maid, chef, tear wiper, and all the other needs people are expecting you to fill.  The main title we […]

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