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"The Magic Formula To Eliminate Stress And Overwhelm As A Busy Wife"

For only $8.00 (Regular Price $19)

"The Magic Formula To Eliminate Stress And Overwhelm As A Busy Wife" will take you through the 5 phases of daily married life that drastically impact every wife. It includes 1 entire month of easy and actionable steps you can take to eliminate the daily fatigue.

This guide will give you simple yet VERY affective strategies you can use to:

- Remove unnecessary stress that can negatively affect your marriage.

- Eliminate behaviors that lead to divorce.

- Prevent mental, emotional and physical breakdowns.

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- Become more self aware and stop neglecting your needs.

- Be a better wife!

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7 Secrets to Balancing Marriage, Career, and Motherhood

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As busy wives, it’s important that we prevent burn out and excessive fatigue.  Juggling multiple hats and responsibilities will wear you out.   In order to effectively balance marriage, career, and motherhood, there are a couple of preliminary things you need to do.   This complimentary bonus video training will reveal the 7 Secrets to Balancing Marriage, Career, and Motherhood.

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I’m a mother of 3, a wife, I have a full-time job and have a small business that I run!   I was constantly stressed out and snapping at my husband.   My patience was extremely thin and I could never find enough energy to do anything.   All the running around I was doing for everyone was killing me.   Within the first week of following the “1 Month of Self Care for Busy Wives”, I felt drastic results.   The opening instructions to delegate really helped me take the pressure off my shoulders.   I’ve even been able to find the energy to be romantic with my husband more often.

Melissa Howard

"The Magic Formula To Eliminate Stress And Overwhelm As A Busy Wife"


7 Secrets to Balancing Marriage, Career, and Motherhood

All For Only $8.00 (Regular Price $19)

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I am so glad you made it to my page.  I’m Arrettres Hollins, the founder or Connecting Love And Marriage and The Ultimate Wives Club.   I help wives that are struggling in their marriage communicate more effectively, resolve conflict faster and reconnect with their husband.   

It isn’t an accident that you have arrived on this page and connected with me.  My goal is to show 1000 women how to transform their marriage.  You will be AMAZED by what God will do in your marriage when you take the pressure and stress off of you and allow him to do the heavy lifting.

Please know that I am praying for you, your marriage, and your husband.  I believe in YOUR MARRIAGE and what God is about to do!

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