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(Video) Why this is not the time for you to doubt God and how to increase your faith!

I understand that life might feel a little overwhelming right now.  Ok, maybe it's very overwhelming.  But, don't allow your circumstances to make you doubt God.  Now is not the time for you to doubt God.  This is the perfect time for you to increase your faith. That’s the only option.  You want to see a manifestation of your dreams and desires.  Then you need to focus on God and his ability to do exceedingly, abundantly, above all you can ask or think. Watch this quick video about how to increase your faith for more details! Enter your name and ...
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(Video) 4 Vital Steps To Forgive Without Feeling Taken Advantage Of.

Experts say the path to wellness begins with forgive and forget. However, you may very well wonder, "How do you go about truly forgiving someone when they've grievously hurt you?" Plus, I completely hate the phrase forgive and forget.  Because boundaries may be needed in the relationship now.  In order to align with the boundaries, you have to remember why they have been placed.   So I believe the phrase should be "Forgive and Heal". If you're willing and able to work on your emotional focus and release any desire for revenge, you have an honest chance of attaining your objective ...
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(Video) The secret to Mastering Anger Management in Marriage

In order to master anger management, you need to gain control over your emotions. You'll need to get into a mindset that allows you to think before you act or speak. If you don't learn to control your anger, you may destroy the relationships around you and cause physical and emotional harm to everyone, including yourself. About Anger Anger serves an important purpose. Anger is an emotion that tells us that something is wrong. It may even help us to get out of dangerous situations, but sometimes the threats are just perceived and anger is not an appropriate emotion. Anger ...
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Hey Sis!

I'm Arrettres.

I help confident wives that excel at work & ministry, but struggle in their marriage because of the fog created by their husband’s affair.  I am gifted at discerning the root of unresolved problems while addressing overlooked red flags.  This enables wives to experience success at home and in their marriage.  My superpower is empowering wives to experience the divine clarity and healing needed to reconcile with their husband.

My coaching is a dynamic combination of biblical principles and practical solutions.  No fluffy church cliques.  Just clear and precise strategies to overcome your most pressing obstacles.   I use my signature framework, The Rapid Restorative Method to help my clients accelerate their healing & clarity.

Are you ready to heal from infidelity while regaining control of your life, happiness and marriage.

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The Comprehensive Guide To Restoring Your Marriage After Infidelity

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