Vision Board Party

Define the life you want for yourself, while having a whole lot of fun.

This months Wives Night Out gathering will be The Ultimate Vision Board Party.

Surround yourself with other wives that are intentional about improving their life.

Join us on January 25th from 7-9pm, in Dallas Texas, as we plan how we are going to transform our marriages, finances and take better care of ourselves.

Vision Board Materials and Refreshments will be provided.

Space is limited so take advantage of Early Bird admission of $20 until January 18th.

On January 19th admission will increase to $29, so grab your tickets today!

Want to reach your ideal client? Partner with Connecting Love And Marriage for our Wives Night Out events. Every month we gather wives from the DFW area and have some much needed girls time.

Every attendee receives a complimentary Swag Bag. Why not put your products in our Swag Bag? Click the link to learn more.

Join my 5 Day Wifey Challenge

This 5 Day Wifey Challenge will help you reconnect with your spouse, build healthy communication, and create an amazing support system of women that believe in your marriage.

We will discuss topics like:

  • Why you fell in love with your husband.
  • How you can fix your husband?!
  • Building a strong support system around your marriage.
  • Walking in forgiveness.
  • Creating a fuss free zone.

This challenge includes:

  • Daily lessons
  • Strategies to make your husband fall head over heals in love with you all over again.
  • Scriptures targeting areas of empowerment.
  • Actionable steps you can take now to begin creating your support system
  • A daily prayer I said every morning when I wanted to divorce my husband.

After completing this challenge, you will have a personalized formula for reconnecting with your husband when times get tough!*

Disclaimer - This Wifey Challenge is not for women that are being physically, mentally or emotionally abused. If you are experiencing any of these, get help. There are churches and christian community organizations for women that are in abusive relationships. Seek them for guidance and assistance in creating healthy boundaries.

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