Setting the Atmosphere for Total Transformation In Your Marriage

I am so excited that you have signed up for this challenge.

Unfortunately, many marriages are under attack. Wives are trying everything they can think of that could fix the problems they are experiencing.

Through tears, anger and frustration wives are exhausted and throwing in the towel. Getting their husband to do better, live better, want better, and treat you better seems impossible.

But it is possible!!

If you are exhausted, at the end of your rope, and if something doesn’t change asap, you are going to snap.

Well, hold on Beautiful. I have the best solution to your problem.
If you are done trying to do it your way and are serious about creating a lasting change in your marriage, I have an AMAZING resource for you.

The "Ultimate Wives Power Pack"!

The "Ultimate Wives Power Pack" will show you how to:

- pray targeted prayers that drastically transforms your husband

- attract your husband through daily encouragement

- virtually eliminate the ongoing challenges you have been experiencing in your marriage

- empower your husband to provide and lead your household spiritually, financially and mentally.

- finally get the long lasting breakthrough you have been searching for

With the UWC Power Pack, You will receive:

1. A digital copy of the Ultimate Wives Journal & Daily Devotional.

This Journal will help you remain consistent, track your progress in the no negatively zone, and includes a strategic plan to target specific areas your husband needs you to pray for.

(Valued at $19.97)

2. The Ultimate Wives Calendar with a suggested daily affirmation you can use for your husband.

(Valued at $9.97)

3. Virtual Q&A group sessions with me where you will receive individualized answers to your marriage-related questions.

(Valued at $296)

4. A digital copy of the workbook FIRE!

“Fire” is a 30-day journal for wives. It is filled with 64 pages of daily scriptures, mindset affirmations, prayer notes, gratitude entries and reflection time you need to strengthen yourself in marriage.

(Valued at $29)

For the next 30 days, you will address his: weaknesses, strengths, money management skills, fidelity, finances, obedience to God, physical and mental health.

Your marriage will never be the same!

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The "Ultimate Wives Power Pack" will help you finally achieve the results you have been trying to obtain on your own.

After implementing the strategies in the Ultimate Wives Power Pack, you will:

- See a change in your husbands emotional and mental well being.

- Experience an increase in trust and intimacy

- Create a strong foundation that produces consistent change in your marriage

- Establish a stronger connection with God that produces joy and stability

- Experience renewed faith that God is working in your marriage

- Strengthen the bond between you and your husband

Grab your Ultimate Wives Power Pack today for only ...


(Valued at $354.94)

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Grab your Ultimate Wives Power Pack today for only ...


(Valued at $354.94)

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