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(Video) “Painless ways to deal with in-laws that don’t like you”

When you said I do, you didn’t just gain a husband.   You also gained his entire family and anyone that believes they are a part of his family.  This includes play cousins, the neighbor down the street that ate dinner at their house every day and is now considered his sibling, and the uncle that […]


(Video) “What to do when your husband stops coming home.”

Today’s topic is very sensitive.  My heart aches for women that are struggling in their marriage.  Women that are hurting or suffering in silence. Society only talks about women that are verbally or physically abused.   But, there is a large group of women that shed many tears for various reasons in their marriage.   What about […]


(Video) “How to listen to your spouse instead of always trying to get your way”

This was another one of those topics that I struggled with most of my marriage.  Why is this so hard?   Because we are naturally self-serving.  We want, what we want when we want it.  It’s our natural desire to make ourselves feel good.   But, it’s important that we keep an open mind and listen to […]


(Video) “How to live with a procrastinating spouse”

For some crazy reason, God allows two people with opposite ways of doing things to get married.  Then he tells us to become one.   Well, that’s the fun part. LOL  But, then we have to learn to live together.   Forever!   If your spouse is a procrastinator, I totally get the frustration you might be looking […]


(Video) “5 Easy Tips To Getting Your Spouse To Finally Hear Your Complaints”

Unfortunately, many of us have been in this boat.  An issue arises. We try to talk to our spouse about the problem and possible solutions.  They either tune us out, Ignore us, Ask us to stop nagging or challenge everything we say.  Don’t feel bad sweetheart, you are not alone.  We’ve all been there.  My […]


Ask Arrettres…. I am scared my husband is losing his faith in God.

faith in God

This is a question I received from one of the women in our Sister Circle.  All names have been changed to protect the identity of everyone involved.   Hi!  Good morning from the Philippines!   I’m Mary and thank you for allowing me to part/member of your club.  I just wanna say I was so uplifted by […]