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(Video) 4 Strategies To Diffuse Arguments In Marriage

4 Strategies To Diffuse Arguments In Marriage

Differences in marriage are inevitable. You two will have disagreements. Why? Because, you are two people with different upbringings, expectations, and ways of thinking. But, there are healthy ways to express your different opinions without war breaking out in your home.   Here are 4 Strategies To Diffuse Arguments In Marriage! 1.Take the emotion out of […]


5 Ways To Save A Troubled Marriage

Let’s face it.  Building a healthy marriage is work.  You take two people from two different backgrounds, upbringings, set of expectations, and views of marriage and tell them they are now one.  Let’s not talk about the baggage of mommy issues, daddy issues, and all my exes issues.    Jam all of that under one […]


5 Things You Must Accept If You Want To Save Your Marriage!

I was listening to the radio as a young lady complained about her husband.  She expressed her need for a divorce and gave an extensive list of all the reason she needed to leave.  I wasn’t too shocked by her argument.  I was there before.  Feeling a void in marriage and expecting my husband to […]