Tag: How to listen to your spouse instead of always trying to get your way

(Video) β€œ10 Habits of Extremely Happy Couples!😍”

Don’t wait for something tragic to happen in or for you two to grow apart. Let’s be proactive about having healthy loving marriages.Β  Β Follow these easy steps to keep the love flowing. Act like you are happy to see them. Share a ritual Go out of your way to compliment your spouse DAILY Flirt with […]


(Video) β€œHow to overcome conflict resolution mistakes you’ve been making in 5 easy steps!”

Check out this quick video regarding “How to overcome conflict resolution mistakes you’ve been making in 5 easy steps!” Below, you can find a couple of tips from the video. Step away from the problem Check yourself and become more self-aware. Β Most of us repeat unhelpful behaviors in conflicts because we are unaware of what […]


(Video) β€œ10 Habits of Extremely Irresistible Wives!”

Why a habit?Β  A habit is something you do that is hard to give up.Β  Β It’s a part of your life and comes naturally.Β  Β We have good habits and bad habits.Β  Β I want you to think about your habits within your marriage.Β  Β Hopefully, you already have good habits that draw your husband closer and closer […]


(Video) β€œ5 Shocking Reasons Why So Many Marriages Are Ending In Divorce?”

My family and I recently moved and spent the weekend unpacking.Β  Β While going through a box of pictures I started to reminisce on the families, friends and couples in each picture.Β  Β After a while, I realized there were 7 pictures I couldn’t put back up.Β  Β Each was a picture of a couple that was no […]


(Video) β€œHow to forgive your husband when holding a grudge seems easier.”

This post is probably going to be a little more painful than most of my posts. Β Β I am taking a different approach to getting you where you need to be. Β Why? I’ve learned that when you look in, it changes how you look at others. Β Β So buckle your seat belts and grab a pen and […]


(Video) β€œWhy your worth is not based on how your husband treats you.”

Let me first start by saying this is not about husband bashing. Β Β Not at all. We love our husbands. This post is about you realizing your worth and value regardless of what is going on in your marriage. I’ve been getting a lot of DM’s, calls and emails from women that are enduring a difficult […]