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The Ultimate Wives Power Pack will help you finally achieve the results you have been trying to obtain on your own and safeguard your marriage. 

Training Bundles

This Rekindled Love Bundle will help you reconnect with your husband, overcome frustrating moments during your marriage, and create an atmosphere that makes him run home to you every night.

Fix My Marriage Bundle is power packed with 5 video training and 2 digital resources to help you resolve conflict and overcome challenges in your marriage without losing your identity.

This Healing & Rebuilding Trust Bundle will show you how to heal from a broken heart and restore your marriage after a heartbreaking betrayal.

Balancing Marriage & Motherhood will teach you how to raise amazing children without neglecting your husband and marriage.   

Digital Ebooks, Guides & Workbooks

“Fire” is a 30 day journal for women.  It is filled with 64 pages of daily scriptures, affirmations, prayer notes, gratitude entries and reflection time. 


“Help! How to stay married when times get tough!”  will teach you how to overcome obstacles and daily struggles in marriage.  

“My Purpose” takes you through 4 stages of pinpointing your life purpose.   This ebook is perfect for anyone that is struggling with their current situation and desires to identify their true calling.

“Heal My Broken Heart” reprograms your mind to see yourself the way God see’s you.   It has 7 days of affirmations and scripture that targets areas that women are attacked in daily.

“Bliss!  Reignite the Passion into Your Marriage” will help you reconnect with your husband and creatively bring passion back into your marriage.