Hello Beautiful!

“Help!  How To Stay Married When Times Get Tough” is a 58-page workbook that covers the 7 common struggles that will make or break your marriage.  It is packed with strategies, templates, scriptures, affirmations, and tools you can use to see clearly through your struggle and build a strong marriage.  The Bonus “Marriage Expectations Assessment” will help you clarify various rolls and patterns in your relationship.  It will teach you how to shift your mindset and allow God to reinforce you and your support system.   This downloadable workbook is filled with:

  • The Marriage Expectations Assessment

  • Techniques to overcome issues in your marriage

  • Scriptures targeting areas of empowerment.

  • Your personalized affirmation.

  • Actionable steps you can take now to begin creating your support system.

  • Prayer time and notes section.

After completing this workbook, you will have a personalized formula to strengthen your marriage!

This guide will help you....

- Create safe boundaries in your marriage.

- Resolve conflict faster.

- Eliminate the feeling of loneliness and isolation.

- Settle differences without having a shouting match.

I really loved this workbook.   It was an amazing benefit for me because I struggle with depression and have a low self-esteem. I’ve been in numerous abusive relationships and forgot how valuable I am to God.   “Help” showed me how to set boundaries in my relationship and overcome difficulties faster.

I learned how to speak life into my marriage and use strategic prayer to create a marriage that I now love.

Amanda Kemp

My confidence in my marriage and husband was much higher after I completed this workbook.  It gave me basic steps that easily resolved problems in my marriage.    I really thank God that I found Arrettres.   She has given me great insight on how to go about not only being a successful wife, but, also how to balance being a mother, student, and woman of faith.   I have accomplished so much within the year and I know I needed that support and guidance through her.    She is simply amazing!

Brooklyn Baltizar

Marriages are being attacked daily.

Avoid divorce by learning how to overcome the top 7 common issues that threaten to destroy your marriage by grabbing your copy of

"Help! How to stay married when times get tough!" today!

Hey Beautiful!

I am so glad you made it to my page.  I’m Arrettres Hollins, the founder or Connecting Love And Marriage.   I help wives that are struggling in their marriage communicate more effectively, resolve conflict faster and reconnect with their husband.   

It isn’t an accident that you have arrived on this page and connected with me.  My goal is to show 1000 women how to transform their marriage through the power of prayer.  You will be AMAZED by what God will do in your marriage when you take the pressure and stress off of you and allow him to do the heavy lifting.

Please know that I am praying for you, your marriage, and your husband.  I believe in YOUR MARRIAGE and what God is about to do!