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You found the man that God ordained for you to spend the rest of your life with.  We love our in-laws and want the best for them. But, unfortunately, things don’t always work out the way we picture them in our perfect world.  If your in-laws have toxic tendencies, it is important that you protect your marriage.

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  • a journal to write your thoughts about your in-laws and a prayer for them.


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I have been having a horrible time with my in-laws.   My mother in law has been so disrespectful to me.   Our strained relationship started to affect my marriage and we argued all the time.   “How to protect your marriage from toxic in-laws” helped me to understand my husband better.  With a couple of adjustments, I was able to eliminate how our in-laws were affecting my marriage.  I strongly encourage every wife to buy this guide.

Marisol Munoz

For the next 20 minutes only, grab “8 Classy tips that will keep your husband wanting more of you.” now for only $8!

(a $19 Value)

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