Healing and Rebuilding Trust

How to heal from a broken heart & restore your marriage after a heartbreaking betrayal.

Healing & Rebuilding Trust Bundle includes:

- Staying After He Cheated (Video Training)

(Valued at $47)

- A digital copy of the Staying After He Cheated Guide.

Staying After He Cheated will guide you through the 5 major concepts every wife needs to consider after she has learned her husband cheated.

We will discuss topics like:

- Assess the relationship and determining it's worth.

- Actions that are mandatory in order to start the healing of your marriage.

- Necessary steps for ongoing healing and restoration.

- Understanding the difference between forgiveness and reconciliation.

- Allowing him to take ownership of his offense and putting in the work.

This class and the power-packed study guide can be purchased for $97

(Save $120)

This class is for you if you have issues with:

1. Having tough conversations without yelling at each other.

2. Determining if you should stay or leave the relationship.

3. Accepting his apology and believing he won't do it again.

4. Knowing that his mistake doesn't define you!

But Wait......There's More!!!

Bonus #1 Included With This Offer!

This bundle includes 6 Training Videos and a Digital Guide.

(Valued at $49)

(26-minute training video)

(valued at $29)

(24-minute training video)

(valued at $29)

(24-minute training video)

(valued at $29)

(7-minute training video)

(valued at $19)

(22-minute training video)

(valued at $29)

(22-minute training video)

(valued at $29)

All these AMAZING training videos and guides will help you...

- Develop healthy boundaries to prevent relapses.

- Remove self-doubt and insecurities you are struggling with.

- Prevent bitterness from taking over your life.

- Grieve and allow yourself to express your pain.

But Wait......There's More!!!

Bonus #2 Included With This Offer!

A digital copy of "Help!" ebook

(Valued at $29)

“Help!  How To Stay Married When Times Get Tough” is a 58-page workbook that covers the 7 common struggles that will make or break your marriage.  It is packed with strategies, templates, scriptures, affirmations, and tools you can use to see clearly through your struggle and build a strong marriage.  The Bonus “Marriage Expectations Assessment” will help you clarify various rolls and patterns in your relationship.  It will teach you how to shift your mindset and allow God to reinforce you and your support system.

This downloadable workbook is filled with:

  • The Marriage Expectations Assessment

  • Techniques to overcome issues in your marriage

  • Scriptures targeting areas of empowerment.

  • Your personalized affirmation.

  • Actionable steps you can take now to begin creating your support system.

  • A prayer time and notes section.

After completing this workbook, you will have a personalized formula to strengthen your marriage!

What others are saying about "Healing and Rebuilding Trust"

"My marriage and communication with my husband have changed drastically. Arguments don’t last as long as they used to. I’ve learned how to express my frustration without feeling like a nag. We no longer wait for our anniversary to celebrate our love. We now connect and express our love daily."

Vivian Stewart, from Houston, TX

I have been having a horrible time with my in-laws. My mother in law has been so disrespectful to me. Our strained relationship started to affect my marriage and we argued all the time. “How to protect your marriage from toxic in-laws” helped me to understand my husband better. With a couple of adjustments, I was able to eliminate how our in-laws were affecting my marriage. I strongly encourage every wife to buy this guide.

Marisol Munoz

Once you complete this bundle, you will be able to...

- Take the steps towards reconciliation and reconnecting with your husband.

- Establish safe boundaries and expectations for your marriage.

- Effectively handle those days when you doubt your marriage can be healed.

- Consistently reconnect with God and experience joy in your marriage again.

- Finally, move forward and rebuild your marriage stronger than before.

(Save $120)

I am Arrettres Hollins and I believe in your marriage!