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Hello Beautiful!

I am so glad you made it to this page.  As a mother, wife, friend, and sister, it’s easy to get lost in the shuffle of wearing too many hats.  If we are not careful, we will be consumed with taking care of everyone else, while we are internally falling apart.

God wants you to embrace how valuable you are to him and the blessings he has in store for you.  Women are bombarded with life daily.   You need to process and de-clutter all the gunk that is trying to take up residence in your brains.  We can eliminate negative influences and replace them with concepts and ideas by shifting our mindset.

As an extremely busy mother of 4, I am constantly asked how do I do it all.  My answer is always the same.  God.  An authentic and consistent connection with God is the only way that I am able to do ALL that I do.

I want to share with you my exact recipe that keeps me from losing my mind in the midst of a full agenda.  This recipe helps me to be the best wife, mother, friend and ministry leader that I can be.  It fully empowers me walk in the joy that God has blessed all of us with.

It is my prayer that you will walk in the joy, peace, and blessings God has already promised you!

About the Devotional

"Fire" is a 30-day journal for women that is filled with 64 pages of daily scriptures, affirmations, prayer notes, gratitude entries and reflection time.

This Devotional is 100% Digital and will be able to download it immediately.

Each daily devotion consists of 4 parts.

Daily scriptures reinforcing the promises that God and your ability to live a life filled with peace.

Mindset affirmations that will transform your belief system so you walk in constant joy.

Strategic faith-building prayers with the intention to hear God with clarity and total obedience.

Powerful strategies that will strengthen you to constantly release stress and the feeling of overwhelm.

My Sister, you were not created to carry the weight of the world on your shoulders.

I truly believe when we are intentional about starting our day with God, he blesses us with the ability to overcome every issue that is presented to us throughout the day.

Are you ready to give up being the victim of life and walk in the power God has already promised you?

It Is Your Time!

Hey Beautiful!

I am so glad you made it to my page.  I’m Arrettres Hollins, the founder or Connecting Love And Marriage.   I help wives that are struggling in their marriage communicate more effectively, resolve conflict faster and reconnect with their husband.   

It isn’t an accident that you have arrived on this page and connected with me.  My goal is to show 1000 women how to transform their marriage through the power of prayer.  You will be AMAZED by what God will do in your marriage when you take the pressure and stress off of you and allow him to do the heavy lifting.

Please know that I am praying for you, your marriage, and your husband.  I believe in YOUR MARRIAGE and what God is about to do!

Make the choice to totally transform your life today!