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You met, fell in love and said I do.  Years later you are looking at your spouse asking yourself  “What in the world was I thinking?”.  We’ve all 2nd guessed our vows, but, few are willing to admit it.  Because of this, couples are suffering in silence.  Yes, there are moments of joy where you know you are married to your best friend.  But, no one talks about the other days.  When you are feeling as though you are all alone.  Couples around you are not being honest about the challenges of marriage.  And if they are being honest, are they also expressing their commitment to making their marriage better?

Let me help you! 

Together, we will take an open and honest look to identify the root of your unhappiness and struggle.  During our sessions you will learn skills to improve your relationship in the following areas:

  • Communication
  • Conflict resolution
  • Stress reduction
  • Sex
  • Religion
  • Self-worth and identity
  • Money
  • And much more.

I know it may seem impossible, but, I believe it is never too late. My coaching is for you if you love your spouse and want your marriage to work.   You just need help navigating through tough times.  It is possible for your marriage to be restored!  Take the 1st step to saving your marriage.  Choose the level of help you would like me to provide below!

This Virtual Coaching Session is for individuals or couples that are looking to improve their marriage.  Due to busy schedules and lifestyles of couples, all sessions are conducted online.  This can be completed any place you feel comfortable through your cell phone, tablet, iPad, computer, etc.

You will receive:

  • A 1-hour private coaching session.
  • A recording of your private session. This is used purely to enhance your experience and follow up after our session.
  • 5 Love Language assessment and review.

This Premier Coaching Package is for individuals or couples that need extra time to develop and implement tailored strategies for a successful marriage.   These sessions are conducted virtually for added comfort and convenience of the couple.

You will receive:

  • Four 1-hour private coaching session.  These sessions will be conducted weekly for 4 weeks.
  • Priority scheduling for future sessions.
  • A recording of your private session. This is used purely to enhance your experience and follow up after our session.
  • 5 Love Language assessment and review.

The One on One intensive is for individuals or couples that would like a more personalized touch.  Our sessions will be held in person at a location within the DFW area.

You will receive:

  • A 1-hour private coaching session.
  • 5 Love Language assessment and review.

What others are saying about Arrettres! 

I’ve known Arrettres since I was a child.  I was a very difficult child.   She didn’t know it, but, she was always uplifting to me.  Even if she just threw me a smile.   I never saw her sweat or stress when things got crazy.  Arrettres has always been a self motivator and has a strong relationship with God which perhaps carried her to help others when she was tired.  As I’ve grown into a woman she has done NOTHING less than inspire, encourage, uplift, motivate and push me.  Although I’m still very stubborn her patience and drive to see me succeed has carried me when I wasn’t able to carry myself.  Arrettres is truly an inspiring woman of God, mother and friend.

Amber Williams

Having a lady such as Arrettres come into my life to help guide me in the right direction, helped to build my confidence within myself, and to never give up on the gifts that were within me all along.   I really thank God that I came into connection with her.   She has given me great insight on how to go about not only being a successful entrepreneur, but, also how to balance being a mother, student, and woman of faith.   I have accomplished so much within the year and I know I needed that support and guidance from her.    Arrettres is simply amazing!

Tanecia Carter

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Join my 5 Day Wifey Challenge

This 5 Day Wifey Challenge will help you reconnect with your spouse, build healthy communication, and create an amazing support system of women that believe in your marriage.

We will discuss topics like:

  • Why you fell in love with your husband.
  • How you can fix your husband?!
  • Building a strong support system around your marriage.
  • Walking in forgiveness.
  • Creating a fuss free zone.

This challenge includes:

  • Daily lessons
  • Strategies to make your husband fall head over heals in love with you all over again.
  • Scriptures targeting areas of empowerment.
  • Actionable steps you can take now to begin creating your support system
  • A daily prayer I said every morning when I wanted to divorce my husband.

After completing this challenge, you will have a personalized formula for reconnecting with your husband when times get tough!*

Disclaimer - This Wifey Challenge is not for women that are being physically, mentally or emotionally abused. If you are experiencing any of these, get help. There are churches and christian community organizations for women that are in abusive relationships. Seek them for guidance and assistance in creating healthy boundaries.

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