(Video) “10 Habits of Extremely Irresistible Wives!”

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Why a habit?  A habit is something you do that is hard to give up.   It’s a part of your life and comes naturally.   We have good habits and bad habits.   I want you to think about your habits within your marriage.   Hopefully, you already have good habits that draw your husband closer and closer to you.   But, we all have room for growth and having a little extra sweetness in our bag of tricks  So here are “10 Habits of Extremely Irresistible Wives!”

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So let’s jump right on into the “10 Habits of Extremely Irresistible Wives!”

Habit #1 – Put God First!

Habit #2 – Know your husband.

Habit #3 – Treat your husband better than anyone else.

Habit #4 – Compliment your husband at least twice a day.

Habit #5 – Offer grace and forgiveness when they fall short.

Habit #6 – Be faithful.

Habit #7 – Invest in your marriage.

Habit #8 – Assume the best.

Habit #9 – Support your husband’s dreams and goals.

Habit #10 – Speak highly of your spouse.   

Your Homework:

Send your husband 1 of these texts each day for the next 5 days.

  1. You were amazing last night.
  2. How can I pray for you today my love?
  3. I love how you hold me.
  4. You are an amazing father.
  5. I bet you look real sexy right now.

Scriptures to read and reflect on over the next 7 days:

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