Balancing Marriage & Motherhood

Raising amazing children without neglecting your marriage.

Balancing Marriage & Motherhood Bundle includes:

5 Little Known Factors That Could Affect Motherhood.

5 Little Known Factors That Could Affect Motherhood is an ebook that gives insight to the top 5 things that will make or break your relationship with your children and how to build a stable foundation where they can thrive in.

We will discuss topics like:

- Which relationship will directly affect the impact you have on your children.

- What daily activity will transform their lives and make you more effective in reaching them.

- What will always change the trajectory of joy you experience as a mom.

- Exactly what YOU need when they start acting crazy. (Because they WILL) . lol

- What every child needs, but, will most likely resist at first.

5 Little Known Factors That Could Affect Motherhood is for you if:

1. Keeping track of yourself and ALL the activities your children are involved in is overwhelming.

2. Guilt and sometimes feeling like you are not a good mother is a constant struggle.

3. Finding a proper balance between being a mom and being a woman seems impossible.

4. Feeling overwhelmed and pulled in too many directions is now a part of your daily routine.

This digital ebook bundle can be purchased for only $97

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But Wait......There's More!!!

Bonus #1 Included With This Offer!

This bundle includes 6 Digital Training Ebooks.

(Valued at $67)

A Moms Fear While Raising Girls covers 5 strategies you can implement that will prevent those dark and roller coaster teenage years.

How To Stay Motivated When Times Get Tough will help you identify the most important step in remaining motivated as a busy mom.

5 Truths Every Girl Must Know About Her Father will teach you the 5 most important concepts every mother should teach their child about God.

Don't Let My Facebook Pictures Fool You will teach you the 4 most important things you must consider when times get tough in marriage and motherhood.

Modern Moms & God will address a common struggle that many moms face and how society impacts our vision.

Stay In Your Own Lane will guide you through the steps of eliminating overwhelm and aligning yourself with Gods will for you during your current season.

All these AMAZING digital ebooks will teach you how to...

- Develop a healthy support system you can call on when life gets tough.

- Remove self-doubt and insecurities you are struggling with regarding your parenting.

- Properly prioritize your hefty to do list while remaining focused on what really matters in your life.

- Eliminate the desire to compare your life to the fake image others have displayed on social media.

But Wait......There's Even More!!!

Bonus #2 Included With This Offer!

2 Pre-recorded Live Video trainings that will help you rekindle the love between you and your husband.

(Valued at $97)

This 24-minute video will teach you the secrets of many successful couples and how to keep the fire burning.

This 1-hour video will teach you successful and easy strategies to grab your husband's attention and keep him fully engaged in your marriage.

This "Balancing Marriage & Motherhood" bundle is for you if you...

- Are struggling with holding it all together!

- Neglect your marriage because your time and energy is focused on raising your children.

- Have a fear that you will fail as a mother while you try to do it all.

- Tend to compare your parenting skills to other mothers that look like they have mastered motherhood.

- Feel emotionally disconnected and are just going through the motions.

What others are saying about "Balancing Marriage & Motherhood"

"My marriage and communication with my husband have changed drastically. I've struggled with wearing too many hats and constantly feeling overwhelmed. My focus was always on my children until my husband and I began to live like roommates. The easy to apply strategies in this bundle helped me reconnect with my husband. We no longer wait for our anniversary to celebrate our love, we now connect a daily."

Tanisha Jamison, from Bronx, NY

I have been having a horrible time with my teenage daughter. She has been so disrespectful to me. Our strained relationship started to affect my marriage and we argued all the time. “A Moms Fear While Raising Girls” helped me to understand my daughter better. With a couple of adjustments, I was able to eliminate how our daughter was affecting my marriage. I strongly encourage every wife to buy this guide.

Tabitha Smalls

Once you complete this bundle, you will be able to...

- Stay connected to your husband and enhance your relationship.

- Establish safe boundaries and expectations for your home.

- Effectively handle those days when you doubt you are a great mother.

- Consistently reconnect with God and experience joy as you balance marriage & motherhood.

- Finally, move forward and rebuild your marriage stronger than before.

Only 50 bundles available at this price, and once they are sold out, they are gone!

(Entire Bundle Valued at $167)

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Invest in your marriage today!

(Entire Bundle Valued at $167)