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The FREE way to fund your next date night.

Hey Ultimate Wife! I have a question for you. When was the last time you and your hubby went on a romantic date night? Not with the kids. Not a quick stop at a fast food restaurant. I mean a nice romantic date night where you two gazed into each other’s eyes. If it’s been […]


(Video) 19 Easy Habits That Will Instantly Draw Your Husband Closer To You!

Having a good marriage doesn’t come by accident.Β  Great marriages are created with intention.Β  When you intentionally do things that will bless your husband and marriage, you create a healthy environment where love can continue to grow.Β  You want to create healthy habits that will naturally enhance your marriage and continually draw your husband closer […]


(Video) β€œ10 Habits of Extremely Happy Couples!😍”

Don’t wait for something tragic to happen in or for you two to grow apart. Let’s be proactive about having healthy loving marriages.Β  Β Follow these easy steps to keep the love flowing. Act like you are happy to see them. Share a ritual Go out of your way to compliment your spouse DAILY Flirt with […]


(Video) The secret to resolving conflict without yelling. Β (This works even when you’re right!)

Unfortunately, many of us have been in this boat where an issue arises. We try to talk to our spouse about the problem and possible solutions. They either tune us out, Ignore us, Ask us to stop nagging or challenge everything we say. Don’t feel bad sweetheart, you are not alone. We’ve all been there […]


(Video) β€œHow to overcome conflict resolution mistakes you’ve been making in 5 easy steps!”

Check out this quick video regarding “How to overcome conflict resolution mistakes you’ve been making in 5 easy steps!” Below, you can find a couple of tips from the video. Step away from the problem Check yourself and become more self-aware. Β Most of us repeat unhelpful behaviors in conflicts because we are unaware of what […]


(Video) β€œ10 Habits of Extremely Irresistible Wives!”

Why a habit?Β  A habit is something you do that is hard to give up.Β  Β It’s a part of your life and comes naturally.Β  Β We have good habits and bad habits.Β  Β I want you to think about your habits within your marriage.Β  Β Hopefully, you already have good habits that draw your husband closer and closer […]