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“The proven system you can use to restore your marriage and rekindle love after years of neglect.”

Hello Beautiful! Like most women, you are trying to do everything you are supposed to do as a wife. But, it is hard because you are focused on or distracted by what your husband is or is not doing.Β  Β Figuring out how to restore your marriage might seem impossible. My frustration was that I felt […]


3 Self-care tips for busy wives.

Hey Beautiful!Β  Check out the video below to view a super quick video regardingΒ 3 Self-care tips for busy wives. 1. Have your own hobbies that you enjoy. Stop waiting for your husband to entertain you or participate in activities.Β  Identify something that brings you joy and schedule time for you and your hobby daily. 2. […]


One simple decision that will transform your entire life!

  It’s amazing how one simple decision could transform your entire life!Β  This was proven to me in the midst of me letting go of something I didn’t realize was hindering me.Β  Baggage!Β  You see,Β  I had an old car sitting in my driveway for 3 years.Β  Actually, let me break this insanity down a […]


3 tips that will help you start the healing process so that you can restore your marriage.

Some women are struggling with overcoming the trauma they have experienced in their childhood or during their relationships.Β  There are many ways to overcome these issues and start the healing process.Β  But, I’ve noticed that some overlook the most important issue when trying to restore their marriage.Β  So I want to share with you 3 […]


God said STOP!

​​ HelloΒ Ultimate Wife! I pray you are having an amazing day so far.Β  Β I’m not.Β  Well, I am, but….. For aΒ couple of days,Β Β IΒ got stuck in an old habit. Anxiety, worry, fear, and doubt crept into my brain and started to wreak havoc on my blood pressure. Let me make a looooooong story as short as […]


(Video) 7 Secrets to Balancing Marriage, Career, and Motherhood

As busy wives, it’s important that we prevent burn out and excessive fatigue.Β  Juggling multiple hats and responsibilities will wear you out.Β  Β In order to effectively balance marriage, career, and motherhood, there are a couple of preliminary things you need to do. Watch this training video for details. Know what season you are in. Prioritize […]